Is your tech company floundering in the marketing department? In a world where technology companies are a dime a dozen, how are you supposed to stand out in the crowd?


Marketing is KEY for any company, and technology companies are no exception. If you want to broaden your reach and find new customers (or even keep the ones you have), you need to get those creative juices flowing and work on your digital marketing.


But how do you even get started? We want to help. You'll find some of our favorite digital marketing tips to get you in the game and up to par with your competitors included in this post.


Keep reading for our online marketing tips that are sure to get your tech company the attention you want.


6 Marketing Tips to Help Your Technology Company Standout

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1. Strong SEO

Let's get this one out of the way. When you're trying to get more eyes on your business, you're going to need some super strong SEO for your website.


SEO is search engine optimization. It's a kind of search engine marketing that brings your website to the top of search engine queries. In short, when a potential customer types in "tech companies" to their search engine of choice, you're going to be higher on the list than some other companies.


Meaning you get more potential leads clicking on your page. How can they know your company exists if your site doesn't show up in their search? The higher your position on search engine results for specific services or products, the more likely customers will find you.

2. Engaging Content

The content on your website is just one of the ways SEO works. This is so important that it needs its own section.

Have you noticed how some websites have "blogs"? Do you know why they're there? 


Blogs serve two purposes.


The first is to educate the reader. You want to help readers (potential leads and future clients) learn the ins and outs of your industry and provide advice in relation to your specific business offerings.


The second is to improve SEO. When creating blog posts, you want to include keywords relevant to your industry. The more honed in the keywords, the more likely you will show up higher in the SEO ranks. When you hire a marketing company, they research keywords to make sure the ones included in your content align with what people are using in their online search.


Now, you don't want to publish random content with keywords thrown in. Your blogs should provide engaging and informative content your readers are actually going to use; here are some content ideas. This is where a good content writer comes in, or someone with serious industry know-how. 

3. Effective Social Media Skills

Good social media skills can help your business reach new audiences. 


Too many people neglect their social media. What good is a tech company on social media anyway? 


When you know your target audience, social media is a great way to reach them. Not all social media sites have the same demographics, but the more popular ones have a larger user base.  


Getting someone on your team who understands hashtags, keywords, and great visual design is the ticket to a strong social media campaign. You want to post flashy or well-designed and curated content that will draw the eye, not blurry office pictures. 


Strong social media management is key. You need to be consistent, posting often enough that you're broadening your reach and not getting lost in the content black hole. 

4. Branding that Sets You Apart

personal brand is crucial for your business. You want customers to know who you are without even seeing the name of your company. Too many people ignore this online marketing tip. Why does branding matter, and how can you make it work for you? 

Branding can consist of a few separate things. 


One is a brand voice. You want a consistent voice that extends across all of your content. Whether you're posting content on your landing pages, blogs, email campaigns, or social media profiles, everything has a similar tone of voice your customers can recognize.


The other includes things like brand designs, colors, and logos. Take a look at popular companies in and outside of your industry.


Let's go outside for a super-strong example. 


McDonald's: What's their brand design? 


You recognize the red and yellow M anywhere, right? Maybe you even associate the colors with that fast-food giant. This is how good branding and design can work for your company. 

5. Email Marketing that Converts

All of those emails that show up in your inbox from various blogs and businesses are part of email marketing campaigns.


They want to target leads (and potential leads) to ensure people have not forgotten about their company. This form of digital marketing is helpful when your website alone isn't getting the conversions you want. 


Say a customer likes what you have to offer but doesn't have the time or money to devote to your business at the moment. No problem. Every now and again, you can send them a little push to have them come back to your site. 


These campaigns often offer value to the customer, like a discount code or special information that can draw them back. It helps turn people on the fence into real customers and keeps you first of mind when they are ready. 

Canva Design DAEv6wWZQUA6. A Cohesive Campaign

Lastly, you need to take the time to build a cohesive campaign if you want your marketing efforts to make an impact. Your branding (remember brand voice and design!) and online presence should all come together.

Do you have one person working on your blog content and another working on your social media? Are they using different photos and designs?

Unless they are experts, you might not get a cohesive tone and design throughout the campaign.

It's best to have one person or marketing company work on all of your marketing pieces if you want to ensure a strong and cohesive campaign that funnels customers to your business.


Are You Already Applying these Marketing Tips? 

Neglecting marketing is like neglecting your customers. The clients you have could forget about you, and the people you want to reach will never know about the great things you have to offer. Even the businesses with the best services and products can fall by the wayside.


If you're struggling to get customers, it might be time to implement some of these marketing tips for your business. You need a marketing team that has experience in both Marketing and the Solution Provider/VAR industry to drive real results for your business. At MarketDesign, we know the industry and the challenges you face. Schedule a marketing plan audit with one of our experts today! 


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