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Most IT companies know they should be marketing themselves, but it can be tough to justify the investment when you haven’t figured out how to reap the reward. We get it. 

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IT Marketing Services
IT Marketing Services

Marketing + Sales + Operations = Growth

Good marketing gets your prospect to the door. Great marketing works in lockstep with sales and operations to turn prospects into customers and customers into evangelists. There’s no magic sauce here. Just hard work and a commitment to your success. 


Bridge the Gap Between Technology Innovation + Real-Life Application

MDCo. is a boutique technology consulting firm where strategic thinking, compelling copy, and bold creative—collide. We are champions of our client's success, having been in your shoes at one time ourselves. The IT space is changing by the second. You don’t just need to compete; you need to be seen, heard, and revered.  

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Brand + Creative

We know you have a great story to tell, and we’re honored to help you do it. From clarifying your vision to crystallizing your purpose; we’re all-in when it comes to showing the world all that is you.

Tell Your Story

Content + Communications

From the micro-moments (like 140 characters on Twitter) to the milestones (to 3500 words in a white paper), we’ll showcase your brand through a variety of formats, channels, publications, and platforms. We specialize in moving your audience in a way that also moves the needle.

Share Your Voice
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Build anticipation, create momentum, leave an impact. We’ll help you design live, virtual, and digital experiences that keep you top of mind and your audience coming back.

Visit + Grow
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Web + SEO

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. That’s why we don’t just design and develop your website; we make sure it’s optimized for traffic, conversation, and conversion.

Be Seen + Heard
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Consulting + Mentorship

From strategy and leadership down to employee management and mentorship, sometimes you need someone to take the lead and get it done. To grow as a business, you need alignment between marketing, sales, and service at all levels within your organization.

Reach Your Potential

Marketing Automation

Too many tools and still vetting options? Just getting started? Only scratching the surface? We’ll meet you exactly where you are and help you build an irrefutable engine of growth with HubSpot.

Automate Your World
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From digital to direct from email to data sheets; your story needs to be told and we believe an integrated marketing approach is the best way to do it.

Attract + Engage
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Email + Social Media Marketing

The key to growing your network and your business is to remain top of mind through consistent communication channels. Share, engage, and grow; MDCo can help.

Connect + Convert

Schedule a meeting and talk to Kara, you'll be amazed at what MarketDesign can do for you.

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MDCo is here to take you from “insert logo here” to a brand identity and creative platform that’s all your own.

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Congratulations, you’ve inherited a marketing department. Now what?

You’ve got an eager marketing grad ready to hit the ground running. The only catch? You didn’t go to school for marketing and your day job involves order entry, accounts receivable—your plate’s full. You need to find a guide, a mentor, and fast.

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You’re measured on growth, but your Marketing and Sales leaders aren’t talking to one another.

First thing’s first: you’ve got to change the dynamic. Instead of Marketing and Sales, let’s build the bridge and create your Go-to-Market team. With our 6P Approach, we’ll help you unify your teams, organize your operations, and grow your business.

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You’re an Event Planner in the morning, an Inside Sales Rep at lunch, and a Copywriter in the afternoon.

You keep what you love and what you’re good at. Let MDCo work with you to define the strategy, build your KPIs, and augment the tactics still on the table.


Your quarterly JMF review is coming up and you can’t spend the money.

There’s nothing worse than your manufacturer PAM letting you know you have funding left to use and are running out of time between planning, executing, reporting, and claiming reimbursement with your proof of performance (PoP).

Build Your Lead Scoring Methodology

If you're trying to understand the validity of your leads and align your sales and marketing process; grab this template and get started.

Download the Template
3.22- lead scoring-ipad
3.22- lead scoring-ipad


Are you ready to claim your place in this market?

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