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You've got goals, you've got numbers to hit, and you've got a contact database full of "hot prospects," that you haven't touched. Disparate silos for sales, service, and marketing don't just hinder performance; they burn the bridge. To effectively market your VAR business, you need to nurture your prospects regularly, with a unique message core to your brand, and capture the data in one place to measure your results.

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The Funnel is out, and the Flywheel is in.

IT businesses operate in a flywheel fashion: marketing brings in the leads, sales converts leads to customers, and service converts customers into brand ambassadors. Now the key is to have tools in your toolbox that will make this a cycle of rinse and repeat for new lines of business, product to service engagements, and professional services to managed service retainers.



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HubSpot Marketing for Technology

HubSpot Marketing Hub 

Since Marketing is responsible for how your company is found, your brand (in the highly competitive IT Channel) is an even more valuable tool. When your competition offers the same products, often at the same price, your brand gets you from a phone call to a seat at the table. The HubSpot Marketing Hub helps IT Marketers:

  • Get Found Online
  • Build a Database of Prospects
  • Convert + Nurture Leads
  • Measure Revenue + Campaign Success


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HubSpot Sales Hub 

Armed with your leads, their interests, and their activity data; Sales, you're up. Now that you know you have actionable leads in the pipeline don't let the well dry up from lack of engagement or worse, inaction. While you're busy farming your current accounts, let HubSpot be your hunter working for you to schedule and reschedule meetings, automate your follow-up calls, log your emails and tasks, and connect your opportunities to your forecast. The HubSpot Sale Hub engages with the marketing hub to:

  • Streamline Your Outreach
  • Build Your Prospecting Assistant
  • Connect with Prospects on their Terms
  • Track Your Progress
  • Forecast + Close Your Deals


HubSpot Service Hub of IT VARs

HubSpot Service Hub 

Congratulations on your new customer. Now, service team, deliver. 👊 When your customer gives you that first chance to earn their business, we know that service is where it counts. When your customers can go elsewhere for the products and your profitability lies in your services, you need to turn one-time value into lifetime value. The HubSpot Service Hub integrates with marketing and sales to ensure your whole team knows exactly what your client needs. Let HubSpot Service Hub help your IT company:

  • Organize Internal + External Communications
  • Track All Customer Data in One Platform
  • Delight Your Customers
  • Measure + Enhance Customer Experience



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To execute your marketing efficiently you need the right tools, processes, and procedures to get the job done. As a HubSpot user and agency partner, we understand the power a unified technology platform will have on not just marketing, but your entire organization.

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