What do The Linux Foundation, Reddit, and SoundCloud have in common? They’re all HubSpot clients. What do SAP, Deloitte, and CBS have in common? You guessed it, they’re all using Wix. Businesses often get confused when comparing HubSpot vs. Wix, because both are very reputed names and businesses want to know which of them is worth investing their resources in.

In this article, I’ll take you through what separates these two, and help you identify which one can be right for you.

HubSpot & Wix Drag and Drop Website Builders

As a website builder, Wix is one of the oldest names in the business and is arguably a pioneer of drag-and-drop website designing. And rightly owns 37% of the market share in that space. In comparison, HubSpot CMS has a market share of only 0.4%. If these two are so closely competing, why is there such a stark difference?

That’s because while Wix is recognized as a leading website builder, businesses generally want more than building a website. They want marketing automation, sales automation, analysis, content management, and more. 3/10 vs. 10/10 – that’s how Wix vs. HubSpot can be judged with regards to features that actually help scale a business. To put it in perspective, HubSpot owns 31.61% of the marketing and sales market, putting itself head and shoulders above the competition.

HubSpot CMS or Wix CMS

Before delving deeper, you should know that Wix and HubSpot both have free CMSs, so you can choose to try them and compare them if you like. What you’ll notice is, HubSpot’s free CRM comes with a set of basic marketing tools as well, while Wix, which was primarily built to make website designing possible without coding know-how, is limited in its scope to just that.

A case can be made that Wix is really good at what it does – help you build websites. But if you compare HubSpot vs Wix, HubSpot has a lot more to offer in its free CRM. And I’m not even getting to sales and marketing functionalities yet.

Today, businesses that create websites want to maximize traffic, increase qualified leads, observe trends on their web pages, deliver content that targets their audience, create and A/B test marketing campaigns, and much more. This is how a business grows.

Put simply, if you plan to have passive income from an affiliate marketing blog site, or write blogs for fun or as a hobby, Wix can be an affordable, easy-to-use option for you. But when you speak of capabilities, Wix vs HubSpot is like comparing an ant to a giant.

Simply speaking, Wix has nothing to offer apart from website design, while HubSpot offers a free CRM more like a side-dish. Its main course is a suite of SaaS products specially built for marketing and sales. With features like SEO optimization, content collaboration, AMP Support, etc. which Wix does not directly offer, the HubSpot website builder, too, stands out from its competition.

Wix is decent at what it does, but what it does is never enough for businesses of any scale or size. If you compare your needs vs. the scope of these two, and if you’re a business and not a part-time blogger, Wix is nowhere in contention.

Since these two are fundamentally very different, with Wix clearly at a disadvantage in terms of marketing and sales aspects, how about we compare the one thing they both offer – the CMS platform?

Comparing the CMS

Since Wix offers only CMS and website building features and leads the market in this regard, you’d assume it’s the better option. You couldn’t be more wrong. You want to create content that builds a relationship, and HubSpot does exactly that.

Wix is limited in its lead capturing offerings while HubSpot is an in-house expert providing a comprehensive bundle of everything you need. You can follow a customer’s entire buying lifecycle right up until retention with HubSpot.

Other key important separating aspects are social media management, SEO optimization, analytics, content calendar, and scheduling, among others.

But what if you already created a website using Wix when you started your business, and now want to leverage the marketing and sales capabilities of HubSpot? You could always buy only the sales and marketing hubs, but integrating them with Wix is very hard and tedious. Ideally, you should migrate – but that’s one word that epitomizes hassle for each business. Not today, though.

If you’re already a Wix customer or have some data from when you tried its free version, don’t worry – the HubSpot Wix integration allows you to integrate all your Wix data into HubSpot, ensuring a smooth migration with no loss of data.

HubSpot Pricing or Wix Pricing

Wix has business plans in three suites – VIP, Unlimited, and Basic. These are priced at $40, $30, and $19.95 respectively. They cover all business features required for content management such as storage, video hours, ad-free website, custom domain with hosting for a year, etc. depending on the tier of choice.

HubSpot’s platforms are all bundled into a suite which included the free CMS hub, the sales hub, and the marketing hub. Across three tiers starter, professional, and enterprise, you get all features they have to offer, priced at $50/month up to 1,000 marketing contacts, $800/month up to 2,000 contacts, and $3,200/month up to 10,000 contacts respectively.

Comparing the pricing of HubSpot vs. Wix doesn’t make sense since both are very different products, but based on the features, HubSpot can be a long-term investment for any growing business.

Should I Pick HubSpot or Wix?

HubSpot vs Wix is an unwarranted debate – both of them have a different target audience, set of capabilities, and purpose. For any serious business, an investment in Wix is not an ideal long-term prospect, because ultimately, you’ll have to spend on digital marketing. If you’re spending one way or another, why not make life easier, and go with a platform that offers everything at affordable prices with great features, customer support, and comes with a big reputation, too? HubSpot's premium plan provides an extensive suite of marketing tools, including a drag and drop editor for creating and editing stunning websites, and it even offers a free trial to test out its capabilities before committing.

Feel free to schedule a demo of HubSpot CMS Hub with MarketDesign Consulting to see how it works, answer questions, and see how it can benefit your business. 

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