HubSpot for Sales

We’re HubSpotters through and through. Having used several sales and CRM tools separately and together —time and time again— we choose HubSpot to run our sales team, and our clients do too.

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HubSpot for Tech Sales
HubSpot for Tech Sales

Rightsize Your Sales Process

Whether you’re evaluating the HubSpot Sales Hub for your tech company or you’ve got it and want to ensure you’re getting the most from the tool; we can help.


Get More than a Contact Database

You need a CRM that unifies every step of the sales process with marketing and service to keep your colleagues in the know and your forecast accurate. With contact activity tracking through to funnel activity, deals, quotes, and forecasting; get everything you need to run your day and grow your pipeline.

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HubSpot Sales for Tech Companies

Be Smart

Your prospects are waiting.

Put your Rolodex away, and get ready to import your trusty spreadsheet into the last CRM you'll ever use. With HubSpot Sales Hub you get one tool to manage your entire sales cycle and all the actions that go along with it.


Whether you’re ready to move forward, or need to be sure HubSpot is the answer, we always recommend a quick 30 minute chat to uncover your key challenges and make sure we have the right solutions.

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Dive into HubSpot with a custom live demo with MarketDesign and our HubSpot Partners. Get your questions answered, determine the right tools to get you started, and image the possibilities.

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If you’re ready to select your HubSpot Hubs and get started; we’re eager to help. Don’t do HubSpot alone. Working with a partner like MarketDesign gives your sales process planning and best practices with your tech team in mind.

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Increase in Close Rate after 1 Year on HubSpot

Group 44

Increase in Closed + Won Deals after 1 Ye ar on HubSpot

Group 44

Increase in Inbound leads after 1 Year on HubSpot


It's Time to Invest in HubSpot for Your Sales if


Your commissions are being held because your forecast is late

Don't punish yourself or your wallet. Get a CRM that pulls your deals into your forecast automatically; just click + submit.


You're on notebook number 27; that new prospect name is around here somewhere

Go all in. Get your entire customer and contact profile on your phone, tablet, or PC. Every email, question, quote, and answer at your fingertips and ready when you are.

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You're Adding New Salespeople Everyday

You need a powerful tool that is simple to onboard, easy to manage, and loved by salespeople. No more pipeline questions, forecast mishaps, and quote delays.


Marketing is Mad, Service is Spent; Sales is in the Hot Seat

Gone are the days where sales can put the contact into the CRM when the deal is finished and the quote is signed. You're SLT is counting on you to keep the entire business abreast of sales progress; which starts at hello.

LPA worked with MarketDesign to streamline our sales and marketing efforts and unify our data and reporting by moving from Salesforce to HubSpot. During the transition, MDCo worked with the sales team proactively and efficiently to create new leads and track results through HubSpot. MarketDesign’s knowledge of the tech/reseller world and HubSpot made them a great partner for us.

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See HubSpot in Action

It's time to automate your world and change your life; you can love your CRM. You probably just don't have the right one yet. Take a spin around HubSpot Sales Hub, see

  • how the tool will work with you and for you,
  • how it compares to other CRMs out there, and
  • how to get started.