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As your most precious asset and most expensive investment, it's critical to make sure you have the right people, in the right seat, at the right time. Working with marketing teams is no different. With marketing professions and roles that generalize, specialize, and strategize you need to be sure you have a marketing background to mold a marketing mind.

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A wise man once said, "Take care of your people, and they will, in turn, take care of your customers."  With consulting, mentorship, and training MDCo will ensure your team is aligned, inspired, and making an impact.

What’s Included

When you Work with MDCo You'll Get

Marketing Consulting Services for Tech

Interviews + Benchmarking

Get a detailed assessment of your team collectively and at an individual contributor level, with detailed recommendations to align and optimize your marketing efforts with your overall business strategy.

Marketing Consulting Services for Tech

Mentorship + Guidance

With a detailed plan for growth at the individual and team level, the MDCo teams will manage, mentor, and guide your marketing team through personal and professional development.

Marketing Consulting Services for Tech

Training + Support

From tool selection to process optimization, MDCo will train your marketers in both tactical and strategic processes to ensure you've got the right capability and capacity to be successful.

Marketing Consulting Services for Tech

Process + Efficiency

Armed with recommendations, mentorship, and training, we'll align your marketing team to the right processes and platforms to be successful.


A Creative Process with Proven Success

Take your sales strategy to the next level with copy, design, and execution services that make you stand out and secure your seat at the table.



Getting to know you -- your needs and your business -- capturing your brand and uncovering your unique value.

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Your word (choice) matters. Content and creative amplify your place in the world, and on Google. What you say is now equally as important as where and how you say it.

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A good plan stems from a detailed strategy of tactics, platforms, promotion, and process to ensure you realize your results.

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Take a spin through the content and collateral, make sure it meets your needs; leaving you impressed + inspired.


Publish + Print

Get the message out and reap the rewards.

Need some C-level Mentorship + Guidance?

Get expert-level guidance and mentorship for your sales, marketing, and operations teams covering everything from people development to process alignment and optimization.

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Engage + Enhance + Grow

*Pricing + packages provide sample deliverables that are subject to change. Formal consultation with MDCo is required before any new Client engagement.


Get an MDCo consultant to interview your team and provide recommendations for personal and professional development.


  • Interview
  • Assess
  • Recommend
  • Mentor


Get your entire team working from the same process and with the same tools over the course of 90 days.


  • Initial Team survey
  • Confirm process + tools
  • Build adoption plan
  • Train team
  • Optimize + Automate where needed
  • print, digital, and raw file package of assets


Get marketing mentorship for your junior team members over a 6-month term.


  • Team benchmarketing
  • Professional + personal development
  • Process optimization
  • Tool automation
  • Revenue + pipeline development
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Looking for something specific or a custom plan?

MDCo works to customize the right package for each client, so we can work from one of the packages here or make one just for you. Let's set up a quick call to discuss your goals and go from there.

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