Partner Marketing

Channel and Manufacturer partners typically support business development efforts through joint marketing funds, sometimes called  Joint Marketing Funds (JMF), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or Market Development Funds (MDF). We'll help you understand the channel community, teach you how to get and use the funds, and grow your partner marketing revenue stream.

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Let's Find You More Money

Let MDCo help you find, manage, and execute the activities you need to get paid or reimbursed.

What’s Included

When You Work with MDCo, You'll Get:

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Channel Connections

One of the perks of investing in marketing as a solution provider is that your manufacturer partners will support your efforts through joint marketing funds. To see a return on this “free money,” you have to be able to spin up campaigns quickly. We can help.

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Funding Pipeline

The epitome of success is when you can use the money from your partners to cover initiatives that were already in your marketing plan.

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Process Management

MarketDesign has worked with many of the top technology manufacturers to support partner marketing campaigns for the VAR/Reseller channel. Let us create and manage your campaigns and make sure you get your reimbursement.

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Campaign Execution

We'll help you envision and execute your campaign, inclusive of any asset creation you need.

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Proof of Performance (POP) Gets You Paid

Turning around partner marketing campaigns in a turnkey fashion takes an organized approach and step-by-step process. And at the end, no POP, no money. Let’s avoid that situation at all costs.


A Turnkey Approach to Partner Marketing

Our perspective is backed by client experience, industry best practices, and proven processes.

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Getting to know you -- your needs and your business -- capturing your brand and uncovering your unique value.

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Your word (choice) matters. Content and creative amplify your place in the world, and on Google. What you say is now equally as important to where and how you say it.

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A good plan stems from a detailed strategy of tactics, platforms, promotion, and process to ensure you realize your results.

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Applying marketing principles and industry insights with your custom measurement plan ensures you have the data you need to drive your business decisions.

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With a test + learn approach, we couple real data with best practices to maximize performance through continual refinement.

Channel Marketing Experience

MarketDesign works with several IT software,  hardware manufacturers, and distributors to create digital, event, and direct marketing campaigns promoting both the VAR/Reseller and their partner manufacturer.

If your partners are looking into joint marketing, and you don't have the marketing resources or strategy in-house, we can help. 

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