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"Send me something to take a look at," they say. You connected on the call and the prospect wants to know more about your and your company. What are you going to send their way?

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Move from Fluff to Forecast

Let's face it, marketing and sales messages are not the same. Marketing messages are created for awareness and to promote your brand. Sales messages are for evaluation tying the brand to your actual portfolio. Do you have what you need?

What’s Included

When you Work with MDCo You'll Get


Market Research

Build your sales process on solid ground with research to enable data-driven decisions. Learn about yourself, your competition, and your addressable market.

IT buyer personas

Customer Profiles + Buyer Persons

Uncover your Ideal Customer (the companies that you should work with) and the personas (the people at the company) who understand your value.

Sales Messaging for IT companies

StoryBrand Portfolio Messaging

Using the Storybrand framework, get a custom message to explain your product/service, why your prospect needs it, and why you're company is the right choice.

Group 1151

Copy + Design

Get your datasheets, brochures, sell sheets, and pitch deck refined and ready

Group 984

Presentations + Pitch Decks

Elevate your game with professional, polished, and purposeful presentations to make sure you look the part and get the deal.

IT RFP/RFI support

RFI + RFP Support

Augment your RFP process with standard sections about your company, team, testimonials, and services to speed up your response time and secure the win.


A Creative Process with Proven Success

Take your sales strategy to the next level with copy, design, and execution services that make you stand out and secure your seat at the table.



Getting to know you -- your needs and your business -- capturing your brand and uncovering your unique value.

Group 1152


Your word (choice) matters. Content and creative amplify your place in the world, and on Google. What you say is now equally as important as where and how you say it.

Group 1082


A good plan stems from a detailed strategy of tactics, platforms, promotion, and process to ensure you realize your results.

Group 1106


Take a spin through the content and collateral, make sure it meets your needs; leaving you impressed + inspired.


Publish + Print

Get the message out and reap the rewards.

How does your Collateral Measure up?

Wondering how your message, design, and application measure up against your peers? Let MDCo audit your collateral and provide recommendations on how to streamline your message and heighten your design. 

Audit My Collateral


Be Seen + Revered

Sheets + Slicks

Get a reference/redesign of your datasheets, one-pagers, sales slicks, or overview brochure

$1,250 p/piece

  • Interview + Ideation
  • Custom-designed template
  • Copywriting + content creation
  • 2 rounds of Copy + Design Approval

Presentations + Case Studies

Refine your message and tout your value with presentations, pitch decks, case studies, and interview-based content.

$$3,500 p/project

  • Interview + Ideation
  • Custom-design template; 2 options
  • custom icon and image creation/selection
  • Copywriting + content creation
  • 2 rounds of copy + design edits
  • print, digital, and raw file package of assets

The Full Monty

Get all your bases covered with a refresh sales collateral kit


  • PowerPoint Pitch Deck
  • Company Overview Brochure
  • 3-5 Portfolio Data Sheets
  • 3 Written Case Studies
  • 30 second Teaser Video
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Looking for something specific or a custom plan?

MDCo works to customize the right package for each client, so we can work from one of the packages here or make one just for you. Let's set up a quick call to discuss your goals and go from there.

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Fresh Perspective + Proven Process

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