The last few years have certainly been tumultuous. Consumer expectations have changed drastically. Online competition in a wide range of industries has grown exponentially.

Major search engines have updated their algorithms for selecting relevant content in response to organic search queries. These factors and many more have forced brands to rethink their digital marketing strategies in order to adapt to a new digital landscape and marketplace.

Consequently, we can now foresee the top 2023 digital marketing trends that savvy marketers and brands wishing to stay competitive will seek to utilize in the near future. These trends encompass variations and adjustments to already popular and effective digital marketing strategies, as well as new realms to explore thanks to our ever-advancing technology.

While not every one of the following 10 2023 digital marketing trends may be suited to your needs, chances are you’ll want to incorporate at least a few of them into your future marketing campaigns.

2023 Digital Marketing Trends Brands Need to Be Aware Of

1. Taking Advantage of Big Data Capabilities

It’s no secret that knowing and understanding the needs and wants of your audience has always been tantamount to a brand’s marketing success. But now, we live in an age where countless amounts of data can be collected through various analytics and platforms.

The age of big data offers many opportunities for brands to collect copious amounts of information about their target market, their competitors, and potential customers idling on the fringes of a purchase decision. Any automation tool will gather and report on the data you already have, and when tied into your CRM, the actual decisions you're making are backed by your actual data, trends, and customer feedback. This eliminates the time you spend testing the market and gives you more dollars to invest right into the middle-of-the-funnel activities.

2. Real-time Messaging

While not a new concept, this feature is certainly making headway as a 2023 digital marketing trend. Real-time messaging is already prevalent on many brands' websites, catering to consumer expectations and the intent to provide a positive customer experience (more on that in a bit).

Brands offering real-time messaging can quickly provide assistance and information to customers, improving the customer experience while at the same time collecting important data that enables them to serve customers better.

3. Video Marketing

Again, this marketing strategy certainly isn’t new either, though the powerful effects of video marketing have only been realized over the last few years. But as one of the top 2023 digital marketing trends, short videos, in particular, are expected to be widely utilized and extremely popular. By delivering a message in a short, easily digestible format on channels and platforms their target audience utilizes, brands can connect with consumers to reinforce brand recognition and capture consumer attention.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencers receive a negative stigma from many businesses, typically because many “influencers” are anything but — rather, they are just individuals attempting to cash in on the influencer game. Real influencers have extremely large audiences and often work with major brands. Partnering with an influencer to enhance your marketing results could potentially yield a strong ROI. In the tech space, you're looking for keynote speakers, manufacturer leaders, and customers that have a large network on LinkedIn who share your brand message and client interests. The Kardashians would not apply here.

5. Outsourcing Your Marketing

Understandably, many companies don’t often have the budget to maintain a full-time marketing department. Or, many choose to rely on one or two marketing-savvy individuals to handle complete digital marketing campaigns. But to really take advantage of what today’s digital landscape has to offer and ensure a robust, effective, and competitive marketing strategy, more companies are choosing to outsource their digital marketing needs to an agency or consulting firm that works in your niche.

Technology marketers, in particular, bring a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table. They have a deep understanding of the technology industry and are able to effectively communicate the value of a product or service to a target audience. According to a Forbes survey, 92% of technology companies believe that marketing experts are critical to their success.

6. Omnichannel or Multi-channel Marketing

This 2023 digital marketing trend is bound to become more than just a trend. It involves brands and businesses ensuring that they are visible on multiple channels. This increases the chances of potential customers finding your content or website, and subsequently increasing conversions. Omnichannel marketing also includes customer interaction, granting your customers the ability to reach customer service via any channel (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, email, chatbot, etc.).

7. Social Marketing

Utilizing social media platforms for marketing to your customer base is nearly a necessity for many businesses. But with so many brands now striving to maintain a strong presence on social media, new strategies need to be developed in order to remain competitive. To that end, many businesses are now enacting a social-first policy.

A trifecta of social marketing, social commerce, and social customer service helps companies build stronger relationships while at the same time presenting products and services without the consumer needing to travel far across the digital landscape.

8. The Customer Experience

As this article mentioned, consumer expectations have changed drastically over the last few years. They now prefer a positive experience at every touchpoint along the customer journey map. In fact, consumers are willing to spend more for products or services if they receive a positive purchase experience.  According to a survey by Econsultancy, companies that prioritize customer experience see a median increase in revenue of 20%.

You may have noticed that the above 2023 digital marketing trends take great strides in ensuring a positive experience for the consumer. Understanding the wants and needs of your customers and meeting and exceeding those expectations in a manner that sets your business apart from your competitors is how a brand will stay successful in 2023 and beyond.

Digital Marketing in 2023

Building a robust digital marketing campaign while trying to stay on top of the newest trends is difficult. That’s why many brands trust MarketDesign to develop a customized, effective, and methodical digital marketing campaign. With nearly 15 years of marketing experience in the Information Technology space, MarketDesign will audit where your business is today and develop a strategy and execution plan to ensure you achieve the growth goals you’ve set for tomorrow. Connect with MarketDesign, and let us get you moving―forward.

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