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One of the wonderful things about investing in marketing as a solution provider is that your manufacturer partners want to support your efforts through joint marketing in the form of hard dollars.

This collaborative dynamic between solution providers and IT manufacturer partners adds a valuable dimension to the marketing landscape. The commitment from IT manufacturers to actively support solution providers through joint marketing initiatives in the form of hard dollars underscores a shared dedication to success. This financial backing significantly empowers solution providers to execute robust marketing strategies, including targeted campaigns, events, and promotional activities. The infusion of hard dollars serves as a tangible demonstration of the manufacturers' confidence in their partners, recognizing the pivotal role marketing plays in promoting IT solutions.

This partnership not only facilitates the growth of solution providers but also strengthens the overall ecosystem by driving innovation, market visibility, and customer engagement. It's a powerful testament to the symbiotic relationship between solution providers and their IT manufacturer partners in navigating the competitive landscape of the tech industry.

MarketDesign has worked with many of the top IT manufacturers to find, manage, and execute the activities to get paid on the joint marketing funds and will put a plan together to help you keep and grow your JMF revenue stream. Investing in marketing as a solution provider comes with the added advantage of manufacturers actively supporting your initiatives through joint marketing efforts in the form of hard dollars.

At MarketDesign, we have established successful collaborations with numerous leading IT manufacturers. Our expertise lies in efficiently identifying, managing, and executing activities that qualify for joint marketing funds. We understand the intricacies of the process and are well-equipped to help you not only access but also maximize your JMF revenue stream. By partnering with us, you can navigate the complexities of joint marketing fund utilization, ensuring that your efforts are not only supported but also financially rewarded by your manufacturer partners.

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