MarketDesign expands partner experience, headcount, and charitable giving in pandemic year.

[Syracuse, New York] January 15, 2021 – MarketDesign Consulting recently celebrated two years of business success echoed by an elevation in their partnership with HubSpot to a Platinum Solutions Partner. MarketDesign takes the step from untiered to Platinum Partner in just under two year, making MarketDesign a top performing partner.

"Today's businesses need growth strategies that support the entire customer lifecycle. Buyers don't just want, but rather expect, a frictionless experience. That's exactly what Market Design is known for delivering. It's a massive achievement to reach the Platinum tier of our program, a tier reserved for the very best in the Solutions Partner Program. Congratulations to Market Design," Taylor Swasey, Senior Account Manager at HubSpot

This is an exciting time for, Kara Rudy, President & CEO of MarketDesign, who has garnered success with clients serving solely IT space given her for nearly 15 years’ experience in the industry before founding her own marketing consulting firm. As MarketDesign thrives and elevates its partnership with HubSpot, Rudy now begins the steps of expanding her business with the recent hiring of two new team members; a Director of Client Growth and a Project Coordinator.

HubSpot, a business enablement tool supporting specifically Marketing, Sales, and Service teams, is a critical tool MarketDesign brings to its clients. The growth and elevation to Platinum Partner is an indicator that MarketDesign is positioned to continue taking IT businesses to the next level by streamlining business operations and increasing revenue.

“I believe the key to operationally efficiency is unifying marketing, sales, and services teams with a single line of site to customer activity and engagement, and reporting that gives an accurate picture of business health. This elevation in our HubSpot partnership is a direct correlation to the success our clients are having bring their teams together and eliminating disparate systems. I have been working in the HubSpot platform for over a decade and will continue to demonstrate to our clients and potential clients how important the right foundation of business tools makes on the success of a company. I’m excited to watch new clients increase efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and increase employee satisfaction with our guidance and support,” says Kara Rudy.

About MarketDesign

MarketDesign brings nearly 15 years of IT and marketing experience to our technology organizations across the US. By building brands, telling stories, and driving results, MarketDesign is committed to doing our part to cure cancer with annual investments of our time, money, and resources. You get a nimble, accountable, and inquisitive mar-tech specific team that translates to brand differentiation and results for your IT business. Unify your team and differentiate your brand with MarketDesign. 

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